About ACE Swimming

ACE Swimming is a family-owned and -operated business that has evolved from three words: Attitude, Confidence = Excellence (ACE). Penned by ACE Swimming’s Tracey Menzies , one of Australia’s most successful swimming coaches, ACE sums up the way we do business – and who we do business with.

For us, it is important that swimmers of all levels – kids to elite athletes – have access to high-quality, affordable swimwear and accessories that look great, too. That is why we have partnered with A3 Performance to become the sole distributor of A3 Performance swimwear in Australia

At ACE Swimming, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get into the water in your new swimwear. Whether you buy online or place an order directly with us , you can expect a fast, seamless service. Our friendly team is happy to chat about our products or processes, if you’d like to know more.

Tracey Menzies, business manager

Tracey Menzies, the former coach of five-time Olympic champion Ian Thorpe, has always been particular about the swimwear and accessories she recommends for her athletes – and A3 Performance ticks all the boxes.

With a background as an art teacher, Tracey has an eye for style. The mum-of-two understands that swimwear not only has to stack up in the performance stakes, but has to be fashionable to appeal to kids right through to the sport’s stars. If Tracey loves A3 Performance swimwear, you will too.

Jason Stegbauer, business manager

jas_bioJason Stegbauer brings 20-years’ experience in the competitive small business environment to the role of business manager at ACE Swimming. For Jason, who is a keen triathlete, the prohibitive cost of buying swimwear and accessories from established brands, motivated him to seek out an alternative.

In collaboration with wife Tracey Menzies, Jason managed to secure the partnership between ACE Swimming and A3 Performance – a win for all Australians who value high-quality swimwear at a price-point that is significantly lower than traditional competitors in the market.

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