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How to become a LEGEND:

Suit Try-on & Wear Instructions

LEGEND is the newest development in technical racing suits by A3 Performance.

LEGEND is a high compression racing suit made of advanced fabrics and patented technology.  The fit should be tight for ultimate compression and best results.  After hundreds of hours of testing, we have concluded that technical racing suits fit best after being worn in the water.  The suit will find its best fit after becoming wet and shaping to your body as it moves in the water.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you swim in your suit shortly before you race in it.

The Powerback is a unique design to provide unmatched compression while maintaining full range-of-motion in a racing suit. Following the instructions below will ensure maximum performance for your race.

Putting the Suit On:

  •  Start by sitting down and lining up the suit exactly as you expect to put it on.
  •  Turn the A3 Performance silicone grippers on each leg inside out, so they will not stick to your skin and the suit will slide on easier.
  •  Take your time – use this preparation time to think about how good it will feel to race in LEGEND, perform at your best, and achieve your goals.
  •  The seams on the back of the leg need to be aligned straight up and down and in the center.
  •  Keep the suit centered.  Keep the back leg seams in the back and keep the hips straight on the suit so it lines up properly and is a comfortable fit.
  •  Pull the leg fabric of the suit as high towards the hip as possible.  Additionally, pull your suit up as high into the crotch as possible.  The leg can always be pulled down, but once the leg is on it is very difficult to pull the butt, hips and torso up higher to maximize fit, so hike those legs up!
  •  It will be tight on your hips and butt as you pull the suit up.  This is where compression is very important and LEGEND offers the best.  The suit will become even more comfortable and find its best fit after being on your body as it moves in the water.
  •  Once over the hips, the rest is easy!

Your final instruction: Get in the water and let the LEGEND begin!